These Beginner classes are the perfect place to start if you are new to the practice of yoga or meditation. Begin classes are designed to help you feel comfortable whether you are nervous about getting started or eager to begin. These classes make the learning process easy and you will leave with confidence to continue taking classes. Begin is open to everyone, specifically for those who are new to yoga, and is also a great place to refocus on the basics to keep a Beginner’s mind if you’ve been practicing for awhile. Learn about breathing, how to use props, and basic techniques.

Embrace Yoga

Embrace Yoga is an All Levels yoga class that invites you to embrace your practice. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, this class will give you a solid physical practice with options for modifications. Leave feeling embodied, connected, and relaxed. Embrace Yoga focuses on mindful alignment and offers a therapeutic approach to asana (the poses). Classes vary by instructor and we encourage you to try different classes because we believe there is a teacher for everyone.


Creative vinyasa poses will be built one on top of the other to create a progressive flow. Yogis should expect a class which blends an invigorating flow with eye-opening alignment instruction. Get ready for a lot of movement, a lot of sweat and more importantly, a lot of fun. Some previous yoga or athletic experience is recommended.


Gentle is the new advanced! These classes slow things down to promote self awareness. In this class you can decide how far to push yourself and when you want to back off. Gentle allows you plenty of time and space to connect to your breath. If you are tired, burned out, or life is too busy this is a way to move your body and feel nourished. Gentle is self care.

*Gentle & Yoga Nidra adds the guided meditation practice of Yoga Nidra to unravel stress, facilitate space for tension & energy release, and encourage self-healing through a balanced nervous system.

Kaiut Yoga

Kaiut yoga targets the joints, the inflexibilities and chronic pains of our bodies to help the body return to the state that nature intended it to be in. Most of the work is done on the floor, allowing the inflexible to participate, as well as using props to access the body's restrictions. The poses are non-aggressive and peaceful, giving each student the ability to meet his/her body where it is at the present moment. Each class is self-contained, so students may come to any class and derive benefit.

Meditate: Sound Healing

Prepare yourself for total BLISS! Katia’s class is an immersion in sound healing.

Katia plays her crystal singing bowl that’s tuned to open the heart chakra, while her angelic voice and chanting allows you to drop into a deep meditation with ease.
She guides you through pranayama (breath work) and ends her class with a guided heart centered meditation.
This class is will balance your energy to prepare you for the week ahead.

Meditate: Your True Nature

Your True Self is an infinite, formless, high frequency energy that is aware, creative and full of tranquility.

In this Meditation class, you will generate an elevated frequency Flow state, create profound inner peace, and contribute to both your own and the collective consciousness’s field of loving kindness.

Develop an intimate, co-creational relationship to this infinite, intelligent field of universal energy, which is always loving you, never judging you, and forever here for you.


Restore is a passive style restorative yoga class that uses props to create fully supported poses. This practice allows you to slow down and promotes deep relaxation with poses that are held for 5 - 15 minutes. Restorative yoga allows the body to rest and completely release tension, gives the mind time to unwind, and restores energy reserves leaving you feeling completely refreshed.

*Unplug & Restore is accompanied by acoustic guitar. Check schedule for monthly dates.

Roll & Release

Roll & Release uses yoga therapy balls to release muscle tension, facilitate myofascial release, and open up areas of the body that are typically difficult to access. This is a therapeutic self care method that is a wonderful compliment to your yoga practice. Roll & Release blends the use of yoga therapy balls with a gentle yoga practice and is accessible to all levels of practitioner. The therapy balls are provided by the studio and also available to purchase for your home practice.


Yin yoga is a passive, quiet, meditative style of yoga that opens connective tissue in the body. Poses are held anywhere from 90 seconds to 5 minutes to release the fascia system. The shape of the pose and gravity create traction that pressurizes the fascia allowing it to open, rehydrate, and release tension. Yin yoga balances the meridians, or energetic pathways, of the body creating harmony in the practitioner. Yin yoga uses three gateways to relaxation. It is not necessarily an easy practice, but the results are truly life changing.

*Candlelight Yin is practiced in the evening by candlelight. A truly magical experience!