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Meet Our Massage Therapists

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Amy Hoffman


Massage | Deep Tissue

In the 20 years since Amy Hoffman gave her first massage, she has made sure each of her clients get their own unique treatment.

Her goal with each massage is to leave her clients feeling at peace, relaxed, weightless and wonderful.

In the two decades since becoming a professional Massage Therapist, Amy has consistently studied new techniques and improved her knowledge of the human body through personal training, weight lifting, rowing, and martial arts.

Amy holds certifications in Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Cupping, neuromuscular Therapy, 1st degree Reiki, sports massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, Chakra Balancing and Myofascial release.

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Claudia Glugsberger


Massage | Manual Lymphatic Drainage | Oncology Massage

Claudia Glugsberger is a board-certified Massage and certified Manual Lymph Drainage and Oncology Massage Therapist, licensed in PA/NJ. 

Before graduating in 2002 from the Institute of Therapeutic Massage school in New Jersey, she completed a five-year education program with a major in Esthetics and Therapeutic Massage therapy at a private academy in Salzburg, Austria, while working at an exclusive spa retreat. 

In addition to her experience with traditional massage therapy methods, Claudia is also certified in Myofascial Release, Oncology Massage, and Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy. 

While Myofascial Release will help clients with the relief of pain by relaxing shortened and tightened fascia, which is caused by insured muscle fibers and trauma, Oncology Massage and Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy will help clients with the reduction of scaring and edema, support the reconnection to the entire body, and speed up the recovery process, after having undergone mastectomy, breast and other surgeries. 

Her long experience and devotion to broaden her knowledge and experience in the discipline of therapeutic massage therapy allows her to tailor treatment plans for her client’s condition and needs, incorporating various treatment approaches and alternative modalities, resulting in quick improvements to treated conditions and overall health.


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