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Located in the Embrace Loft above the yoga studio.

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Kristin Tomlinson

CL.N., RYT, Clinical Nutritionist & Holistic Health Coach

Food has played a powerful role in my life. From watching my mom struggle with her weight and severe food allergies most of her life, to helping me help my partner heal her body after breast cancer treatment. Good nutrition has always been at the forefront of my mind and life experiences.

It was a visit to my Nutritionist (and yoga teacher) over 20 years ago that absolutely transformed my life. I thought I was just going to get help with my hypoglycemia, brain fog and lack of energy. Little did I know that taking charge of my nutrition would empower me to not only feel better, but realize how out of balance I was in many aspects of my life. I needed to heal my whole life. Food started me on a life-changing journey and inspired me to help others through nurturing their own lives.

My most important accomplishments are being wife to my partner of 12 years, and a mom to my kids ages 20 and 23. I currently work in private practice at Dr. Wendy Warner's office, Medicine in Balance as a Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach.

I most recently graduated from The Academy of Natural Health Sciences with a 500-hour certification in Clinical Nutrition in 2017; completed holistic and integral coach training from Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy in 2014; graduated from the National Institute of Whole Health as a Whole Health Coach in 2011; and I’m a certified massage therapist and registered yoga teacher since 2001.

Personally, I’ve been a devoted yoga practitioner for over 25 years and take great satisfaction with my daily meditation practice and studies. I’ve had many wonderful teachers in my life who have inspired and challenged me to continue to seek a better life for myself and for others.

My first yoga certification was a 40-hour Astanga Yoga teacher training with David Swenson in 2001. I started teaching at the Center Club and other fitness and yoga centers in the area but my teaching started to feel routine and hollow. Longing for more I started on another life-changing journey at Saraswati River Yoga school attending a 100 hour teacher training and additional sadhana studies with Parvathi in 2005. This is where my deep connection with yoga began and I truly felt born into my practice. My study continued with a 200-hour teacher training with Bonnie Pariser at Yoga Loka in Frenchtown NJ where I continued to teach and practice for many years.

I enjoy combining my yoga and coaching experiences to create a class that is welcoming, challenging yet relaxing and helps you feel nurtured in body and spirit.