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Meditation Series

  • Embrace Yoga 6134 Lower York Road New Hope, PA, 18938 United States (map)

Collective Awakening Meditation Series

5 Weeks With Laura Shoosmith

Format: Lecture, Experiential Exercise and Guided Meditation.

You have been groomed to believe you are a small, separate human being who must work hard to be a success. You are what you have and who you are is exhausted.

That is not true. Who you really are is a Universal Awareness, whose capabilities are endless.

You are limitless. You are Pure Energy – a part of the Infinite Field of Consciousness.

It’s time to raise our vibe. It’s time to collaborate, cooperate and create from the Highest Potential- for you, for me, for US.

What we become now is what will influence our world for generations to follow, moving us toward the next New Way.

We will discuss and experience together the concepts of:

Infinite Consciousness: An unlimited state of being, free from the conditioning of our past. Free to create from Pure Possibility, in an expansive state of being and in an engaged world full of magical experiences and utter happiness.

Non-Duality: The Unified Field of Energetics, of Consciousness, Your true home. You are not your body. You are not your Mind. You are not your Thoughts or Feelings. No one is.

Interbeing: We are connected to everything and everything is connected to us. What does that mean? What is our responsibility to ourselves? Our children? Our Collective Race? Our Planet?

You may experience: a feeling of unity, with everything, everywhere, all the “time”; a sense of understanding that no thing and no one has control over you…another words, freedom in every minute of every day. Free to experience what you want to experience, free to throw the rest of the perceptions away. Freedom from a reactive mind that needs to be right and have others hear you. Free to be with the ALL in Everything, to feel into the magic of our existence and the existence of the beauty that lives everywhere. Free to experience divine connection and intimate communion with every living thing

Later Event: August 24
Yin Summer Cool Down